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Thank you PJ for introducing my studio to, 'Electric Safari - The Evolution' in 2010. This course is for Electric Safari graduates hungry to learn even more from PJ and his tutors. Our studio strives to provide students with opportunities outside the typical dancing school scene. PJ and his team have not only prepared my students for these opportunities but also opened so many doors for them as well. It's no wonder we had over 100 students enrolled for the 'Evolution'.

In February alone we have had students who have benefited from PJ's expertise appearing in 'Wicked', 'A Mid Summer Night's Dream', 'Spring Awakening', 'Showboat' and even all the way to the 'Moulin Rouge'. The tutors just keep getting better and better! It's great to see you surrounded by experts as passionate as you are. Emmanuel's photos are the best headshots I have seen - thanks to his talent and the fantastic styling headed up by Miss Susie. Tracy and Fletch opened up the world of TV castings to my students who would love to specialize in this area.

My students have not stopped talking about Adam William's dance casting class and have kept quite a few of his catchphrases. Nikki made the administration of the whole thing a breeze! A huge thank you to your team PJ, can't wait to see what you come up with next year - Book us In!!!

Jade Barnes (Principal of Planetdance)

THANKYOU so much for the fantastic experience of the two day workshop, Olivia had a brilliant time and learnt so much...

After the first day she came home on an all time high, rewrote all her notes and didn't stop talking about it all night. She was over the moon and very keen for the next day.

I was so impressed at the presentation not only was it so professional and well organized, all the girls and boys looked like they had been walking the catwalk for years not just two days, also the information you gave us as parents was well appreciated and very much taken on board. I wish you had a workshop for us (parents) as it's a tough business to be in as a mother of two girls...

Olivia enjoyed every piece of information and hands on training you and your team offered and will take that with her on her journey, she also enjoyed meeting new friends and has many great memories and already is bugging me to do the workshop in Queensland which she will attend with bells on with her sister sister in tow.

I'm just so thankful that we and the kids in this industry have someone like yourself and your team to look up to and admire and most importantly LEARN from, you have there best interests at hand and that has been made very clear, I look forward to my girls continuing learning from you. It was a priceless experience that I will share with others and hope they too will give there children the same opportunity that Liv was so lucky to have...

Renee Knapton

Thanks for a very special weekend, Lindsay has gained a lot from it.  The professional approach by yourself and all of those that were teaching this weekend was very impressive.

Marion Page

PJ Clarke has been an inspiration to the students & Teachers at our school & dance challenge on the Central Coast of NSW for a number of years.

PJ has mastered the ability to present his extensive knowledge of both the entertainment & fashion industries with finesse & obvious passion to people of all ages. Simply glowing with positivity & creativity, PJ is a joy to work with & learn from. If you have the opportunity to partake in his Electric Safari workshop – take it.

If you ever have the chance to work with or be taught by this amazing talent, it will be an experience you will never forget. Thank you PJ for everything you have done for Lee Academy Dance & Performing Arts & The Central Coast’s Dance Attack Challenge.

Jo Cotterill (Studio Director of Lee Academy)

Hi PJ and all the electric safari staff, Naomi and I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic workshop. She really really enjoyed the three sessions and she is still quoting the health info she learned!! More particularly it was great to see the kids being encouraged to act their age , enjoy their childhood and send out good messages to each other. What great advice. I'm sure she'll be back next year.

Liz and Naomi Ralphs

I am writing to you to express my gratitude to you and your staff. My daughter Leilani attended your workshop at Showcase and I have to say that she came back a changed girl.

Within the short period you had her she went from a little girl doubting her ability thinking that she was no good at anything to a girl that had confidence and believed in herself. It was so evident when she went to compete the next day, she held herself beautifully and really connected with the audience.

I don't know what you did in that short period time but it was truly appreciated. I will definitely be sending Leilani back to you year after year. The photo is beautiful! I would appreciate if you could put me on the mailing list and let me know when you are conducting your next course.


PJ, I received my USB today and its absolutely awesome from the packaging to the lanyard! So much more on there than I expected. It is such a great idea putting all that information and our headshots/CVs all on one compact USB (which looks very cool might I add). A lot of work has gone into these, I can tell and it hasn't gone unappreciated!! Thank you for putting on such a great workshop again and I hope all the other younger performers get into Electric Safari so they can learn not only performance skills but life skills as well!

Josh Galloway

You have a magic wand or something and cast a spell on the kids, they all just love you - the kids that work with you, and can`t wait for the next chance to do your workshop, it's nice to see kids having so much fun while learning so many new skills.

Nerrida warren

PJ, Just want u to know that I've seen such a huge change in the kids that did electric safari the kids are way more confident focused and inspired u have given them such a gift thanku pj u r an extraordinary person!.

Alyssa Casey (Lee Academy)

I took part in the Sunday workshop with PJ on the 25th of October. I would just like to say another huge thanks for giving the NASDA students an opportunity to take part in something so beneficial and inspirational.


I attended your workshop on Sunday afternoon at NASDA in Christchurch, New Zealand, and I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and kind words of wisdom. I really appreciated everything you had to say and I walked away feeling like a new woman! I've been wondering a lot this year whether or not this is the right course and industry for me to venture into, and thanks to you I know I'm doing the right thing. I feel like I can now go out into the industry and give it all I've got and nothing will stop me or hold me back.

Thanks again PJ, you're wonderful!


Thank you... All tutors at JK have noticed a huge change in Our JK kids that did your course. My daughter Ebony is extremely shy at school and the teacher has commented on the positive change. Thank you so much for all the opportunities you have brought to us I am truly grateful.

Kirsty Allpress (Studio Director/JK Danceworks)

I would like to congratulate you all on such a wonderful job you did with the students in the workshop, a very professional and friendly approach to the grooming of these beautiful children.

Electric Safari is an excellent initiative not only to those who are considering a career in the entertainmentindustry but also for those who may require a little self confidence.

P.S Nekeisha had a casting with Mullinars for a new TV show... and got the job. (I think Electric Safari had something to do with her camera technique). Well done and thank you.

Dorinda Vos

My husband and I would sincerely like to thank you for providing our son Günther with the wonderful opportunity of a scholarship to participate in the workshop at All Starz last week. Both he and his brother had the most amazing time with heaps of fun and have learnt not only professional skills for the industry but also skills for "life".

We wish you all the best for your future endeavor

Linda and Edwin

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in conducting the workshop for their professionalism and for making it a positive, enjoyable experience for the children. Indianna had a fantastic time and I would happily recommend the workshop to other parents.

Just wanted to say what a wonderful show Saturday at All Starz was. My husband and myself really enjoyed watching the results of this great workshop conducted by you all. My daughter Marisa Tyrogalas really enjoyed the workshop and every aspect of it, I would highly recommend your company to anyone wanting to do this workshop and wanting to work in the entertainment industry.

Felicia had a great time and most of all had a lot of fun. I was really impressed with the presentation and want to thank you for giving Felicia a wonderful experience. I think PJ is fabulous and very inspirational. He's a great role model for everyone. Your whole team was fantastic.

Hi PJ, just wanted to let you know that I thought the workshop was great. What you said to us parents was so true and came across in a professional yet friendly manner. Laura enjoyed it and has learnt a lot from it. She was so looking forward to it, Laura spoke about the workshop for days. The show was amazing and the kids all looked great. The vibe in the car park and outside was filled happy students and parents.

Well done to all the team. Once again congratulations on put together a great workshop

Rosemary Scarfo

Thank you for allowing us to attend the presentation and see what wonderful work you have done with all the children and young adults.

Following the morning show I saw a number of the young graduates in the shopping centre and observed the way they were holding themselves and walking around confidently. I could not help but feel that they felt “ on top of the world”. I just wanted to give you this feedback just to confirm what you already know i.e. that you are doing a WONDERFUL and very worthwhile job investing in these children and making each one of them feel special.

I don’t know how you do it. We appreciate your efforts and thank you both for the course which is great value for money and for bringing it to Wollongong.

Sonja Nikolovski

On behalf of Nina, we would like to thank you and the team for all your hard work.

Nina has instantly come out of her shell and is a completely different kid. She has been dancing for the past 4 years but was still very shy when it came to performing on stage. Only 3 months ago when she had to do her mid-year concert, she was in tears and I had to go backstage with her to convince her to go ahead with the performance.

I was gobsmacked when I saw her walking down the catwalk. I nearly didn’t recognise her. She was still a bit shy but I couldn’t believe that she was on stage on her own and smiling. What a feeling!! Thank you so much for giving our little precious one the opportunity to be part of your fantastic workshop. You guys are awesome. A special thank you to Suzie and Tracey (as well as Kelly) for being so patient with Nina and making her feel so comfortable. Your enthusiasm is infectious and your determination is undoubtedly inspirational.

Thanks again and please let us know when you think it might be a good idea for Nina to get involved one more time. All the best and keep up the good work.

Shaun and Mary Hurley

We just would like to say thank you for your valuable time and your kind advice at the modeling workshop which our daughter Yumeka Just joined in Christchurch. She has improved her confidence, polished her glooming and had great benefits as we expected.

The show was excellent!

Stuart & Megumi Hildreth

I just want to thank you for an amazing 2 days, I had a wonderful time and got inspired to want to do things I'd never thought possible. I am going to do everything in my power to achieve these dreams.

Rachael Ford

I would like to thank you personally and on Erin’s behalf for the opportunity to be apart of one of your workshops, I appreciate your efforts, sincerity and professionalism in conducting this workshop. I’m sure that both Erin and I have gained from the experience this weekend.

Anna Apostolou

PJ, I just wanted to thank you and your team for the fabulous opportunity that you have given the girls over the weekend. Maddie thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend and I am sure has learnt some very valuable lessons and tips for the industry. The all looked very mature and confident during the presentation last night. Thanks again.

Leanne Silsby

I also wanted to say how impressed I was with your workshop and the final presentation on Sunday evening.  I honestly didn't expect the programme to be as professional and extensive as it was.  Renee loved it and I know she gained some valuable information, not only as a performer but as an individual.

Sue Fearnley

Thank you for giving the girls such a great experience over the weekend. Emma had a great time and really enjoyed every aspect of the workshop. Your presentation was very informative, honest and inspirational and your team of professionals also gave Emma some great advice and confidence. We are very lucky to have your expertise and positive energy within our studio.

Justine Nicotra

Just thought you should know what you did with the kids over the weekend was excellent, they could not stop talking about it.

Last nights presentation was excellent and you more than demonstrated a significant return on investment for the parents.

Suzie and I really appreciate what you’ve done in particular for Tyler. Never under estimate how much positive influence you have over her.

Jason Fullerton

I just want to again say a very big thank you for the amazing workshop you conducted over the weekend!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I loved it and I got so so much out of it!! It is just so great to be completely set up now!


Laura Webb

Pj, Just like to say thank you so so so much for this weekend! It was awesome. I had so much fun and I learnt a lot. It was great meeting all the tutors! They were so cool!

You should be so proud and the opportunities that you give to us girls are amazing!

Jenna Dubbelman

Pj, Thanks heaps for conducting such a successful and inspiring course. I learnt alot from it and for sure now have a greater insight about the industry and the requirements.

Diya Ingleshwar

Pj, Just wanted to say thanks again for a great workshop. Tiarne is on an absolute high tonight! I haven't let her do any workshops of any kind in the past as I thought she was still too young, but she was really keen to do yours & I thought she was finally at an age where she was the one who wanted to do the workshop & it wasn't me pushing her to do it.

Tiarne can't stop talking about the day & all that she's learnt from you & your teachers. She has gained a lot of great knowledge & a great deal of confidence in herself.

So thanks Pj for making this such a positive experience for Tiarne. Hopefully, whatever workshop she wants to do next won’t be too much of a letdown after her great day today.

Gailene Howe

Thank you for the USB stick sent with Rachael with her resume and photos from the workshop. It was so professionally presented! A great finishing touch to your workshop – I am sure you will continue to have great success with Electric Safari as the word gets out as to how worthwhile the whole experience is for the kids!

Bridget Tyers

PJ, I though you might like to know that Zenlyn thoroughly enjoyed herself at your workshop and has since been paying special attention to her deportment. Thank you so much for taking an interest in Zenlyn  and her future well being

Jade Raeburn

WOW!  I have one very excited daughter at the moment.  Thank you so much for helping with this opportunity to see an agent.  We were just both really pleased with the course alone.  I think it has been one of the highlights for Anna this year. The advice you gave both kids and parents showed the care you possesses for all the students.

Sharon Matthews

Thank you so much PJ for the wonderful experience my girls had, they just loved the two days. I have noticed a huge boost in their self-esteem and confidence. We shall be encouraging everyone to participate in your workshop.

Justine Darling

Hey Pj,
Just a note to let you know how much my students are raving about your brilliant workshop.  They had so much fun and came out of it very inspired. The kids could not stop talking about what a fabulous day they had with you and your team.  The show at the end of the day was so professional and I hardly recognised some of the girls. Wow!! My son has since changed his hair style and I must admit - he looks very trendy.  All the students loved it and cannot wait for another one. Thanks for your expertise.

Sheridan Vollenweider (Director of ‘Sheridan's Studio 1’, Gold Coast)

'PJ Clarke ran the Electric Safari at my studio in January 2008 with around 100 of my students. I was overwhelmed by the fantastic feedback I got from students and parents about the workshop. Parents commented that it was wonderful to hear such positive and inspirational dialogue throughout the classes. Senior students in particular greatly benefited from PJ's advice on styling and audition preparation.

I have witnessed a major change of attitude towards these areas throughout the school since the workshop and have already seen the positive results through audition success. I firmly believe that these type of workshops give dancing school students the edge that they need in an increasingly more competitive industry. We will definitely be booking PJ Clarke and his team on an annual basis.'

Jade Dearie (Director of ‘Planet Dance’, Sydney)