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Workshop Classes - Electric Safari

Industry Lecture & Motivation

Students will participate in an overview of the Entertainment Industry and provided with a motivational session. This will help set their frame of mind, so they can operate with a clear, honest and realistic vision.

Everyone has something unique about them to offer to the world. It is important to identify in what direction the individual student would like to go. Whether it is on stage, behind the scenes, teaching dance or producing entertainment - everyone’s journey has a purpose!

Students will be advised on the different work opportunities available within the industry, how to prepare themselves a yearly plan, setting themselves goals, dealing with rejection, understanding more than talent is required in the industry, operating yourself as a business, obtaining a reputable agent that best caters for their talent, operating without an agent and staying motivated. They will be instructed on how to prepare a letter to an agent in the correct format, accompanied with their photo and CV.

Students will also be advised on the basic “Do’s & Don’ts” of agency and industry protocol.

Audition Technique

Great audition technique is essential to landing that dream job! Students will be instructed onhow best to prepare for castings or auditions, what to take along on the day and how to behave in a range of different auditions for musical theatre, commercial dance, film and television.

This class is mainly interactive, conducted by a celebrity choreographer and an industry panel that provides each student with an assessment. Our leaders will unveil their hidden secrets and provide valuable information of proper preparation, what to expect at an audition, how to conduct yourself, dealing with nerves and the most important issue of “what to wear”.

The most talent performers are not necessarily the most talented at handling themselves within the audition arena. It is a competition whether you like it or not and this is what determines who really has what it takes to make it in the industry! This needs to be refined at a young age, if you are serious about a career in the industry. You don’t want to be wasting important years – Get a head start from the rest!

Catwalk Class

Covering basic steps and poise, this class helps students find a walking technique to best suit their individual style. Students will participate in a dance fashion parade and straight walking exercises. This is useful not only for potential models, but also for poise and confidence in everyday life. Walking is the first thing a client sees you do entering a casting and potentially could be the first impression made of you.

Health, Nutrition & Fitness

Children are most vulnerable to unhealthy messages between the ages of 10 and 16. This class aims to educate them at a young age so they have a better chance of overcoming the struggles they may face later on in life.

Those choosing to take a career in the Entertainment Industry always need to look their best. Every audition is a competition and those who are prepared by being in peak physical condition will come out on top.

We provide students with important dietary information as well as special exercises for them to practice at home - to keep their figures trim and their bodies healthy. We also have contacts with leading intuitionalists that are available outside the programme that can help assess allergies and reactions to certain foods that could potentially affect ones skin and body physique.

Fashion & Wardrobe

Co-Ordination of your clothes and keeping up with current fashion in a cost effective way is a daily struggle most people face, but entertainment industry professionals are constantly in the public eye and are held to the highest standards.

Students will learn how to dress age appropriately to compliment their body shape and figure, so they always know how best to answer the question - “what should I wear?!” Using the students own wardrobe pieces our experts will advise how to put your clothes together and what is appropriate for different styles of castings and auditions.

Your appearance is the most important tool to sell you in the industry and you need to project yourself as a marketable product to attract various opportunities in the industry.

Makeup & Grooming

This session will cover skincare and makeup that best suits each student. They will learn how to identify their face shape and structure, enhancing their natural beauty, understanding the different makeup techniques that is suitable for everyday, castings, stage and screen. For the more mature students, we will also look at eyebrow shape, hair care and provide consultations on styles and cuts to compliment your look and complexion. Male students are worked with separately in some of these classes.


Making a positive first impression is one of the most valuable talents a person can have. This session promotes the importance of good manners and etiquette for young ladies and gentlemen in today’s society.


This session will prepare students to know what they need to take on a shoot, what to expect, how to be free in front of the camera, how to pose appropriately and choosing the best photos. At the completion of the course each student will be set up with their own basic headshot that they can use to represent themselves for castings and to approach reputable agents.


Students will learn how to prepare a professional CV for auditions and to provide to agents.

On Camera

This session covers basic script reading and casting technique, retaining your lines, overcoming nerves, and presenting yourself in a suitable fashion for screen. For most film and television castings, you will generally need to introduce yourself in front of a camera and possibly deliver lines. If you are not successful at this exercise, you could jeopardize your possible involvement in the next stage of the casting or being successful obtaining the job. This class frequently scouts new up and coming fresh talent with potential careers in film and television!

Parents Session with PJ

Parents are provided with a complimentary hour of power group session with PJ. Information will be provided on what opportunities are available for aspiring young artists wishing to pursue a career in the Entertainment or Fashion Industry. Looking for an appropriate agent, asking all the right questions, the money traps to look out for, self image helping your child prepare for an audition and dealing with rejection, what is available in furthering your child’s opportunities and outside workshops and fulltime institutions. Most of all - Making sure that you are not that annoying parent!


The presentation is held on the third day, whereas we hire professional catwalk staging, backdrops, sound and lighting equipment along with plasma screens. Students prepare their fashion segments with our stylist, are choreographed by our choreographer and are prepped for hair and makeup by our ‘Pretty Committee’. Student’s photos, camera work as well as their ‘Live Show’ is displayed and cross fed on the plasma screens.

At the presentation we invite parents, guest agents and potential employers for performance and modelling opportunities. To date Electric Safari has provided many students awesome employment opportunities within the industry along with successful representation with leading agents.